Meet Captain Gary

He loves the SPORT of FISHING, and  PEOPLE. Being born in Baltimore, Maryland , on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay; he has salt water, ROCK fish  and ,"OLD BAY" seasoning in his veins. He started fishing when his dad and a friend built a boat and launched her on Middle River in Maryland. His passion for the excitement led him to Ocean City, where he patrolled the docks to hitch a ride "OFF SHORE" to learn the fascinating game.  He and a buddy named Joe, would follow Captain Bill Bunting out of the Ocean City inlet and off shore to the grounds.    

Soon, Gary was working for a developer, Madison Gray. While attending a meeting, Madison announced to his two boys, Jimmy n Bob, that he had bought an Ocean boat and that his boys needed to get Gary his first White Marlin in a hurry so he could go back to work! 

On that trip, he remembers someone hollered, “left rigger!” The REEL screamed and his battle was on, but then he heard the engines rev, and felt they were reversing. The water was cold, coming over the transom, covering his ankles and calves, and someone hollered “Crank, crank, crank, crank !” He remembers hearing the brothers holler, “She is gorgeous, see that jump, she’s flying again, crank, crank, crank!” Then BOOM! His Marlin was on the deck.    

Back in the day, conservation hadn’t been prevalent, so the fish were hung up at the marina for all to admire before being sent to Grey’s Taxidermist. That vintage 70's Marlin today hangs in Gary’s home in Port St Lucie.  

 “I can’t wait to give you the THRILL the Gray’s gave me. Please let me help you catch your next memory maker!” – Captain Gary